A glorious Nauset Beach sunrise
Nauset Beach before daybreak
The magical colors of daybreak on the National Seashore
Peace and stillness on the National Seashore.
Energy and raw beauty at the National Seashore
Golden rays of glorious light
Secluded beach on the National Seashore
Stunning colors of an early morning sky
The Milky Way over Wellfleet
Soft mist flowing over the dunes
Gentle sunrise reflections at Nauset Beach
Clearing fog in Wellfleet
Sun and moon both visible early in the morning
Daybreak in Wellfleet
A majestic sunrise in Wellfeet
Solitary wave at sunrise
Dawn in Truro
Soft daybreak at Nauset Beach
Moving clouds over Lighthouse Beach
Soft light in Wellfleet
Stars over Wellfleet
Backlit wave in Wellfleet
Moonlight shadows at daybreak
Peace on the National Seashore
Milky Way over National Seashore dunes
Harvest moon rising
Rising moon in Wellfleet
Peace at Nauset Beach
Early morning on the National Seashore
Single wave washing on shore at Nauset Beach
Soft colors to start the day on Nauset Beach
Dramatic clouds at sunrise at Coast Guard Beach
Calm start to the day on Nauset Beach
Star trails in Wellfleet
Peaceful morning on the National Seashore
The glow of Nauset Light through the fog