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Photography is my chosen form of visual self-expression, allowing me to creatively share what I am feeling and experiencing in any given moment. Most of my imagery is from home on Cape Cod, where I can often be found with my camera being splashed by pre-dawn surf along the National Seashore, or immersed in Cape Cod Bay’s tidal flats under the stars.

In spring 2021, I will be opening EXPRESSIONS, a new gallery that will also host offices and workshops for the EDI Institute. Please contact me directly for details.

Through the years, my imagery has helped me cope with difficult family medical challenges, eventually becoming the inspiration behind the nonprofit EDI Institute. Expressive Digital Imagery (EDI) gives voice to those facing challenges such as cancer and mental illness who often long to be heard in ways beyond what is possible through words alone. EDI has been used successfully in multiple diverse settings, including the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, McLean Hospital, Yale New Haven Health, and the Gosnold Addiction Treatment Center.

My images are available for sale with a portion of profits donated to support the EDI Institute and the Association to Preserve Cape Cod. My photography was also featured on Chronicle and in this video produced for the Chatham Orpheum Theater.

I am a retired business consultant active in several non-profits, including serving as a Trustee at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. I’m also an avid runner and board member on the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge team, and am deeply committed to supporting life-saving cancer care and research.

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